Nurture Nature Center regularly undertakes special projects and research with funding from government awards and subawards, as well as private donations. The reports, exhibits, and other products of that work, once created, benefit both NNC and others on an ongoing basis.

  • Social Science and Natural Hazards: Much of this work has focused on flood education and risk communication, a field where NNC has become a nationally recognized leader. One important goal is to provide guidance to federal and state agencies on ways to improve their communications with the public about extreme weather events and related environmental risk topics. To learn more, click here.
  • Science Education with Art Infusion: Several special projects we have undertaken were to create new science and art exhibits or study how to use the existing ones in ways that would be most effective. In undertaking such projects, NNC seeks not only to enhance our local offerings, but also to develop new approaches that can be used beyond the local community. These projects are described here.
  • Community Engagement: A number of our special projects were designed to help NNC engage with the local community, and generally to foster new ways of involving communities in learning about environmental risks. NNC developed a model for this type of work, which we have applied  to numerous topics, and our findings and best practices have been shared with national networks of science centers and others. To read about this work, click here.