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CREATE Connections: Climate Action Here, There, and Everywhere

Libraries, businesses, social media, schools, Community Bike Works, the Boys and Girls Club, community centers, local Environmental Advisory Councils – these are just some of the locations for NNC’s CREATE Connections project. The project casts a broad net in order to link people with different strengths and resources across Easton and Bethlehem. Sharing those strengths... Read More

Savoring Spice Bushes

As spring begins to overtake winter, the first little green leaves are often Tartarian honeysuckle followed by autumn olive, two invasives.  Then splashes of yellow can be seen along forest edges. This is not forsythia but spice bush flowers, a native shrub.  Those flowers are very small, but in aggregate they make the woods very... Read More

Savoring Spice Bushes

Sense of Wonder

Guest post from NNC docent, John Cosgrove, in response to see the World of Wonder Science on a Sphere program Sense of Wonder Some thoughts upon returning home after watching Jeff’s “World of Wonder” Science on a Sphere show.  There seem to be two types of wonder. There is the wondering that drives investigation. What... Read More