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Recognized by the arts community and residents as an important regional resource and venue for the arts, the center’s four gallery spaces host rotating exhibits from local and regional artists. Themed exhibits reflect the area’s natural environment, as well as local to global science and social issues. Larger gallery spaces are utilized for group exhibits in partnership with local arts organizations. Our Community Hall Gallery offers space to highlight local artists and school projects.

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Opening January 30th:

Seeing – is something that many people take for granted. It is a powerful phenomenon in experiencing the world/life we live in day to day. The Space we occupy and move through – is 3-Dimensional. In outer space, all positive matter forms into a sphere with its own center of Gravity. We live upon such a sphere…the Earth. It is not Flat. I think of my head as being a Gravitational center. From this center, I look at the World around me, and have found that – if I measure everything, it fits the skin of a sphere…perfectly. Out of a desire to have ALL of visible space in my paintings, floor/nadir, ceiling/zenith, and 360 degrees in all directions, I began painting the world around me on spherical surfaces. I have experimented with other forms of representing this visual sphere, such as cutting it open and laying it flat – as Mercator did projecting his map of the Earth – seeking the least amount of distortion. The form of my 3-Dimensional paintings is based upon various processes of visual perception. If I look at it this way, what will I find. These ways of looking and seeing are all related to the cutting-up of the sphere/visual field. I look at space, pull it apart, and put it back together, in many different ways. Thoughts and ideas via words, texts and drawing have also become prominent in my work, alongside painting. I try to never make the same painting twice. I always try to look at it in a different way. Moving THROUGH this space has created other forms – like strips of space, which have jumped off the wall. This pseudo-scientific approach manifests the ”optical unconscious” into Poetic Visual Art. – Jackie Lima

Claire McConaughy is a painter who lives and works in New York. She earned her MFA in painting from Columbia University and BFA from Carnegie Mellon University. She has exhibited widely throughout her career in New York galleries and alternative spaces. Her works are included in corporate and private collections. For over a decade McConaughy was on the staff of New Observations Magazine, a non-profit art journal and is currently a professor of art.

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