Community Resilience through Education, Art, Technology and Engagement


CREATE Resilience was a multi-disciplinary collaboration between youth and community to increase knowledge of weather and climate science, the risks from local hazards, and strategies for hazard mitigation, while storytelling and co-creating a vision for community resilience.

CREATE Resilience Research and Community Learning Hub builds on lessons learned in CREATE Resilience and is an interdisciplinary, resiliency-focused hub for learning and improving local response to climate and weather-related hazards and environmental risks in the Lehigh Valley region. It involves youth interns engaging in civic opportunities to build leadership skills and knowledge and provides direct support for leaders of smaller municipalities for resiliency planning and community engagement.

CREATE Connections follows from the CREATE Resilience project and uses a whole community approach to build collective environmental literacy and address current and future environmental hazards related to climate change, bringing together a diverse range of potential agents of change: community-based organizations, artists, students, educators, municipalities, libraries, businesses, and residents. It focuses on climate action plans recently adopted in Easton and Bethlehem and seeks to build social capital, connectedness and community resilience through a multi-pronged educational approach.