Science on a Sphere®

Nurture Nature Center’s Science on a Sphere® (SOS) exhibit, developed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, features breath-taking visualizations of earth and space science and is a centerpiece of NNC’s visitor area. The Sphere is a 6 foot diameter globe suspended from the ceiling with a four projector system to create complete global and planetary views. One of only about 130 centers around the world, NNC was the 66th installation of the SOS exhibit, funded by a grant from NOAA. This grant also supported the creation of a special program on flooding and climate change called Rising Waters which can be accessed here.

Since acquiring the Sphere, NNC has developed a multitude of informative and engaging SOS programs that are available for public and school audiences. The SOS programs that school groups and other community groups can pick from include shows on energy, agriculture, weather, and many other topics. NNC staff is happy to customize these programs to meet teacher and educational needs. NNC continues to develop and share new SOS shows on timely topics of global and local importance. NNC also showcases SOS in creative programming, such as with music (Music of the Elements) and yoga (Yoga under the Sphere).

For a list of sphere shows click here.

Science on a Sphere® Show Topics: