Parking Map

Parking is ample in downtown Easton, and surrounding the Nurture Nature Center. Free parking is available in the parking lot in the rear of the building, marked with signage for Nurture Nature Foundation. From the parking lot, you will need to walk to the front entrance of the building using the Pine Street Alley to 6th Street and back down Northampton Street. (About one-half of a square block walk).

You may also park on Northampton Street in front of the building at metered spots that require two quarters per hour. Free on-street parking is also available on 5th and 6th Streets as shown below, about one half-block from the entrance of Nurture Nature Center. A city parking garage is located at 3rd and Pine Streets and you may park there all day and overnight. It is located about two and a half blocks from the Nurture Nature Center.