Recycling is Worth the Effort!

There are so many materials that we use every day that can be recycled.

  • When an aluminum can is recycled we save enough electricity to run a TV set for 3 hours or lit 15 light bulbs of 7 watts a piece for 4 hours. When an aluminum can is thrown it will not break down even after 500 years.
  • If we all recycle our share of paper we will save around 100 million tons of wood. The production of recycled paper causes only 25% of the pollution caused from the production of new paper.
  • Two and half million plastic bottles are used every hour in the US with just a quarter of them being recycled. A plastic bag that is not biodegradable can take up to 400 years to be broken down.
  • Glass can keep getting recycled since it never wears down. A 100 watt light bulb can be lit for 4 hours from the energy saved by recycling a glass bottle or power a PC for almost half an hour. A glass bottle can take 40 centuries to be broken down if not recycled.