Water and Wastewater Management

The City of Easton’s water is provided by the Easton Suburban Water Authority, and its wastewater is treated by the Easton Area Joint Sewer Authority. These entities serve Easton and the surrounding municipalities. City administration can work with leadership at the Authorities to reduce emissions from operations while continuing to provide sewer services and clean water to Easton residents at a low cost. The City can also reduce the quantity of stormwater that flows into the wastewater treatment plant and protect water quality in the Delaware and Lehigh Rivers as well as local tributaries such as the Bushkill Creek. Protection of riparian areas and stream bank restoration is important for mitigating impacts of increased risk of flooding due to climate change.

  • Use stormwater best management practices.
    1. Explore ways to incorporate PA DEP’s Stormwater Best Management Practices Manual as standard operating procedure.
    2. Incentivize property owners to minimize impervious surface, harvest rainwater, and install green infrastructure.
  • Implement energy conservation at the wastewater treatment plant.
    1. Upgrade mechanical and electrical systems at Easton Joint Sewer Authority treatment plan.
    2. Participate in energy efficiency incentive programs to upgrade pump efficiency.
  • Protect floodplains and riparian areas.
    1. Promote funding streams for public restoration projects and explore opportunities for funding streambank restorations on private property.
    2. Consider the importance of naturalized floodplains, buffers and riparian areas when making zoning and development decisions.
    3. Continue to protect and improve buffers and riparian areas on city owned land and public parks.