Local food and agriculture

Easton is proud to be home to the Easton Farmers’ Market, the oldest continuous open-air market in the country. In addition, many residents’ long-standing tradition of growing their own food has given rise to a resurgence in community gardening in recent years. Outside of city limits, the Lehigh Valley’s rich farmland supports many local farmers. Supporting Easton residents’ access to these sources of local fresh food can help reduce vehicle miles traveled by the food we eat, preserve nearby farmland, increase green space in the city, and encourage consumption of fruits and vegetables instead of processed foods that create more greenhouse gas emissions during production. For residents, fresh local food can improve health and quality of life.

  • Expand food production within the city.
    1. Continue to support and expand the community gardening program.
    2. Partner with city and regional organizations to provide educational opportunities for residents interested in producing their own food.
  • Support local agriculture and the local food system.
    1. Provide information about healthy eating and the environmental impact of food in schools.
    2. Encourage institutions to purchase more local food.
    3. Require city funds for food to prioritize local, organically grown food.
    4. Continue to expand programs to connect city residents to sources of local fresh food including the Easton Farmers’ Market, Easton Public Market, etc.
    5. Explore developing a bulk food store in Easton to increase access to sustainable food options and minimize packaging waste.