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Author’s Presentation on Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet Fills House During Easton’s VegFest

Author Matt Ruscigno spoke to a packed house about his book Plant-Based Sports Nutrition on Saturday, September 7 during Easton’s VegFest. Ruscigno is a vegan athlete and Registered Dietician who highlighted some strategies for fueling success in sports with a plant-based diet. In addition, Ruscigno grew up in the Lehigh Valley and first started exploring... Read More

Dana Van Horn’s Forces of Nature

Humans have been seeking to derive power from the animal world since the dawn of civilization. Animal form and imagery has been used in costumes, masks, helmets, jewelry and other accessories from antiquity through modern times. Roman gladiators, Medieval knights, Samurai warriors, African tribes and even modern day football teams don helmets adorned with animals... Read More

Dana Van Horn’s Forces of Nature

NNC Expands its Youth Programming

Through a Crayola community grant, NNC has developed and tested a “Create and Learn” series designed to accompany two of our popular Science on a Sphere® (SOS) programs. “Habitats” and “Finding Coral” creative activities are designed to use the power of visual arts to engage students across teaching disciplines. Read More