Vibrant Energy Field Paintings by Artist Scott McIntire to be Exhibited at NNC

ARt Scott McintireBackyard Project 2013 a solo exhibit of the work of New York artist Scott McIntire will be featured throughout the third floor gallery spaces at the Nurture Nature Center (NNC), Easton, PA starting November 6th. This two-fold show will exhibit a series of McIntire’s vibrant energy field paintings as well as a comprehensive collection of photographs taken by the artist during the first ear of a fie-year study of biodiversity in his own backyard. McIntire’s brilliantly colored enamel paintings are inspired by his observations of the natural world, but contain both the seen and unseen, heard and unheard environment. The paintings vibrate and crackle with radio waves, cellular transmissions, ultra-violet waves, neighborhood noises and fragrances. For me the subject is more than just its physical self, it exists in an energized environment that reflects my experiences with it, explains the artist. McIntire was recently interviewed in Art & Science Collaboration, Inc. July 2014 Issue while preparing for the show at NNC ( where he elaborated on the intent of this series, Today’s interest in the Higgs particle, the tremendous growth in the use of cell phones, and the invasiveness of the NSA, has caused me to think more about the unseen energy that surrounds all of us. I want to call attention to the invisible and make the viewer of my art think about these forces. The exhibit also includes photographs by McIntire that represent a study of the diversity of life in the 1/4 acre that makes up the backyard of his home on Long Island. These images not only inform the subject matter of his paintings, but have taken on import of their own in the artist’s portfolio as he concludes the first in a five year endeavor to document the patterns of the inhabitants of his own backyard. A book on this project will be available for sale. Biographical material and an artist’s statement can be found at