Perspectives: Art on Environment Fourth Annual Exhibit Opens at NNC

Perspectives, an arts project that seeks to explore and communicate environmental issues, concluded its fourth year at the Nurture Nature Center with an exhibit that utilizes three of its four gallery spaces. The exhibit features the work of 20 visual and literary artists and includes collaborative projects from Phillipsburg Middle School and Whitehall High School art students.

Each of the partnering artists submitted works or participated through one of the three workshops developed for the project. Highlights of this year’s exhibit include a large, three-piece collaborative installation on that depicts stages of worry/fear, action/ideas and hope. Artists Earl Stocker, Maryann Riker and Yevette Hendler contributed large works to the installation. The final piece, “The Wall of Hope” provides visitors the opportunity to participate in creating the final image.

Upstairs in the Science Hall Gallery is a multi-media installation by artists Linda Ganus Albulescu and Anna Kodama: the Myth of Erysichthon and his Daughter- An Invitation to Radical Metamorphosis. The installation explores the myth from Ovid’s Metamorphoses through the eyes of Mestra, daughter of the arrogant and greedy King Erysichthon. The artists ask the viewer to examine the myth as a metaphor for the world around us.

Other works include a series of 14 portraits that are a symbolic representation of the self and the connections that sustain us – environmental, social, or spiritual. These works are the products of a workshop with Easton artist Danny Moyer. A series of animal masks are also displayed that were created at a worksop that looked into human-animal connections with artist Anna Kodama.

This year’s partnering artists are: Lynn Alexander, Linda Ganus Albulescu, Mary Budkoski, Andi Grunberg, Yevette Hendler, Femi Johnson, Anna Kodama, Tom Maxfield, Danny Moyer, Aine McDevitt, Lisette Morel, Patty Passick, Maryann Riker, Lillian June Robinson, Earl Stocker and Don Wilson. Partnering literary artists are Lynn Alexander, John Cosgrove, Cleveland Wall and Matt Wolf.

Photograph by Yevette Hendler. The exhibit remains open through January 30th.