Nurture Nature Center talks sustainability and climate on Lehigh Valley Discourse

Nurture Nature Center’s Executive Director, Rachel Hogan Carr, and Science Director, Kathryn Semmens, spoke with Sally Handlon, host of the WDIY program Lehigh Valley Discourse on April 15th, 2021 about sustainability and climate change initiatives in the Lehigh Valley. You can listen to the conversation here.

With Earth Day approaching, the discussion focused on efforts in the City of Easton to develop a Climate Action Plan as part of Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection Local Climate Action Program. Community engagement and outreach is currently being conducted in the City by NNC staff and a complete draft plan is expected by July 2021. A public meeting to discuss plan elements is scheduled for May 25th at 7 pm.

Kate and Rachel explained NNC’s involvement and the importance of setting a net zero goal, as well as actions that individuals can take to help mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, improve their health and that of those around them, including reducing consumption of meat and dairy and walking or biking instead of driving a car. More information about Easton’s Climate Action Plan process can be found here.