Nurture Nature Center one of nine Community Projects funded through Congresswoman Susan Wild

Nurture Nature Center is excited to announce we are one of nine Community Project Funding requests Congresswoman Susan Wild secured funding for from the House Appropriations Committee.  NNC thanks Congresswoman Susan Wild – Easton District Office for supporting $140,000 in funding for the expansion of our NOAA-funded CREATE Resilience project into a permanent hub at NNC. The CREATE Resilience Research and Community Learning Hub, will be an interdisciplinary, resiliency-focused hub for research, learning and improving local response to climate and weather-related hazards and environmental risks in the Lehigh Valley.  See Congresswoman Wild’s press release for more details about the community projects funded –

“NNC would like to thank Congresswoman Wild for supporting this funding, which will allow us to transition our current NOAA Environmental Literacy Grant-funded community work on weather, climate and environmental hazard topics into a permanent CREATE Resilience Research and Community Learning Hub,” said Rachel Hogan, Executive Director at the Nurture Nature Center. “The hub, which will serve the Lehigh Valley and beyond, will engage municipal leaders, residents, high school youth and research institutions on a range of resilience focused education and research initiatives. From youth climate leadership programs, to municipal roundtables, hazards research, and art and science-based community education programs, the CREATE Resilience hub will keep resiliency topics and actions at the center of regional community dialogue.”