“Climate Conversations: All We Can Save” Art Exhibit to Open Friday, April 8th

Opening Friday April 8th (6-9pm) and running through June 30th, the center will be exhibiting the work of eight mid-career women artists who are working on environmental issues. Our largest art installation to date, “Climate Conversations: All We Can Save” is the work of Nancy Cohen, Kate Dodd, Laura Earle, Tracey Easthope, Elizabeth Barick Fall, Susan Hoffman Fishman, Gina R. Furnari, and Leslie Sobel. This collaboration of women from the Midwest and East Coast of the U.S. was born out of discussions and readings of a book released in 2020 that has since become a best-seller.

The book, “All We Can Save: Truth, Courage, and Solutions for the Climate Crisis,” is an illuminating anthology of essays and poetry offering the insights and proficiency of dozens of diverse women leading on climate in the U.S. Curated by Drs. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson (a marine biologist, policy expert, and conservation strategist) and Katharine K. Wilkinson (author, strategist, and teacher), these climate leaders set out to create a deeper dialogue about the climate crisis and to begin building a community around solutions.

“A powerful read that fills one with, dare I say . . . hope?”—The New York Times

Go to the exhibit page to learn more here.