Beautiful and Insightful New Exhibit at Nurture Nature Center to be Unveiled Earth Day Weekend

A new mural exhibit Living Local Mural by Tom Maxfield will be unveiled on Saturday April 23rd at 12:15 pm at the Nurture Nature Center.

Nurture Nature Center proudly welcomes its new mural exhibit: the Living Local Mural: Scenarios, Decisions, and Consequences a breathtaking depiction of the Lehigh Valley’s local environment by artist Tom Maxfield. The 15 foot long mural features over 80 environmental talking points and will serve as a teaching tool at the center for all ages. The captivating exhibit depicts a variety of landscapes, from a farm to a stream bank to a downtown city center, all of which reflect land use in and around urban areas such as Easton. The work encourages reflection and consideration of how existing environmental conditions affect future health and welfare of the community.


Living Local Mural (detail) by artist Tom Maxfield

This visually appealing mural is attractive in its familiarity and detail, captivating with its depth of inclusion and the multitude of issues and scenarios present. Taken as a whole, the mural fosters viewing the environment as a sum of its parts with all the feedbacks and interconnections. The mural is designed to facilitate learning of ecological processes while communicating the state of local environmental issues and spurring dialogue about sustainable decision-making options. The use of the mural as a teaching and discovery tool serves to fulfill the goal of environmental education effectively creating environmental literacy that informs wise, well deliberated decisions.

Join NNC on April 23rd at 12:15 pm to see this beautiful mural unveiled and meet the artist, Tom Maxfield. Local food and drinks will be provided.

Nurture Nature Center encourages school and public groups to take advantage of this great environmental learning tool. Call the Center at 610-253-4432 or email Kate Semmens at to schedule a visit or request materials to use in your classroom.