Arts Community of Easton Arts Tour 2016 at Nurture Nature Center

tom-maxfield-opening Review by – Becky Civjan

Artist: Tom Maxfield
Location on ACE Arts Tour

“You will be amused and delighted to see the exhibit of Tom Maxfield’s artwork at Nurture Nature Center Galleries, at 518 Northampton Street, Easton. Enter the Nurture Nature and everything around reminds us that we are a very small part of this universe and it is our duty and obligation to take very good care of our planet. The center allows for exploration of the world through technology. A favorite activity for visiting classrooms and families is to see the Sphere housed on the 3rd floor and connected to NOAH, the government agency in Aberdeen, Maryland for its data. Not long ago we were watching as the actual first photos of Pluto were being sent back to earth!

Tom’s colorful and amusing artwork is imparting the message that we are no more important than any other species on this earth. It is not our place to shove everything out of the way so we can build our own world.

Tom Maxfield’s art is a wonderful blend of science fiction and a reality that makes us truly analyze where we are in the whole scheme of things and how our actions concerning conservation and preservation has lasting consequences.

So while you are enjoying the exhibit, there is a constant tap on your shoulder to pay attention now before it is too late. The message is a good one.

Tom’s huge mural hangs in the room across from the Sphere. It is titled Living Local. Whether living on a farm, or in the suburbs, or in a city, we all can and do co-exist together and fill our needs within our communities. That is also the case with other species. So while we inhabit this planet it is our obligation to treat everyone and everything around us as special units in need of their space. The message is profound, the artwork; delightful!

Meet Tom Maxfield and ask him about his work. He has a passion and commitment to this cause, and the talent to relay his message to the community in a very colorful and entertaining way!”

Photos by Yevette Hendler