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The Upside of Darkness

Call it a hunch, but I suspect you will be at home this Saturday looking for something to do. Well, you could join in a global movement to reduce our demand for fossil fuels by participating in Earth Hour 2020 ( Earth Hour is a movement that started back in 2007; the first event was... Read More

Our Wonderful World

“Tree Rain” Have you ever heard of “tree rain?” Is it a real thing? Tree rain is something that happens in dense forests high in the mountains. In forest areas next to oceans, tree rain results from heavy water droplets that gathers on leaves and leaf bottoms. Misty, foggy weather, like in Northwestern Washington State,... Read More

Recommended Reads: Biomimicry – Drawing inspiration for man-made solutions from nature

It can be easy to think that to address the intimidating environmental problems we face today, we need the newest, most innovative, most ground-breaking technology. But what if ideas for new technologies could come from strategies that have already been in use for centuries? Biomimicry is the process of observing how plants and animals accomplish... Read More