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Dana Van Horn’s Forces of Nature

Humans have been seeking to derive power from the animal world since the dawn of civilization. Animal form and imagery has been used in costumes, masks, helmets, jewelry and other accessories from antiquity through modern times. Roman gladiators, Medieval knights, Samurai warriors, African tribes and even modern day football teams don helmets adorned with animals... Read More

Dana Van Horn’s Forces of Nature

Seeking Stars

This post was written by guest blogger, Lauren Fosbenner, Community Fellow in the Environmental Policy Design Master’s program at Lehigh University. Summer is a great time to gather outside with friends and family seeking stars. One way to explore far-off reaches of the galaxy without much special knowledge or equipment is to stargaze. Here are... Read More

Winter: A Gardener’s Gift

See Spring Garden Workshops at NNC here! Originally published in the Easton Irregular Dormancy is a gift. As temperate zone gardeners, we get the chance to step away from the sometimes frustrating task of trying to coerce nature into doing our bidding … and simply enjoy. Our garden plants rest when the daylight hours shorten... Read More

Why… – should we care about opossums?

The opossum, which is the only marsupial (pouched animals, like kangaroos, wallabies, platypuses) found in North America, is a native animal that can trace its roots to ancient South America. All of the marsupials that we associate with Australia can actually trace their family trees back to South America. Through processes like plate tectonics (movement... Read More

Why… – should we care about opossums?

Mars InSight

I found myself standing cold and wet in Times Square on a very rainy Monday afternoon. I was there to witness the November 26th landing of the Insight Mars lander on the Nasdaq screen. Mars is one of our sister planets. Like Earth it possesses an atmosphere albeit a thin one, and similar to Earth,... Read More

Mars InSight Mars InSight Mars InSight

Let’s Talk About Weeds

Originally published in the Easton Irregular I overheard a conversation a couple of weeks ago. “It’s never been this bad. I need a machete to clear the weeds. I’m feeling defeated. It’s more work than fun!” grumbled one gardener. “That’s exactly how I feel about my garden this year. I just could not keep up... Read More