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Where’s the Snow?

February is typically the Lehigh Valley’s snowiest month, but this year we had the second warmest February on record and barely a trace of snow. Earlier in the season, we had only 5.3 inches, making this season so far the Lehigh Valley’s fourth least snowy winter. We also saw January 2020 make headlines as the... Read More

Recommended Reads: Biomimicry – Drawing inspiration for man-made solutions from nature

It can be easy to think that to address the intimidating environmental problems we face today, we need the newest, most innovative, most ground-breaking technology. But what if ideas for new technologies could come from strategies that have already been in use for centuries? Biomimicry is the process of observing how plants and animals accomplish... Read More

Recommended Reads: Little Progress During U.N. Climate Negotiations, But Strong Local Commitments

This past Sunday marked the end of the longest ever Conference of Parties (COP) negotiations, the annual meeting of the 197 countries that are parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The U.S. was represented by a delegation led by Ambassador Marcia Bernicat (a graduate of Lafayette College!) In addition, a group... Read More